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Rafting Lethe

Lethe River is tucked away in the beautiful countryside of Montego Bay. Experience rafting on a 30-foot bamboo raft that includes a foot massage using natural limestone.
Group rate available 1-3 persons

Roaring River Mineral Spring and Rasta Village

Jamaica’s roaring river, is located on the plains of Westmoreland at the foothills of a tropical mountain. 7 springs join together to create the gushing roaring river. The tour includes meeting the local “Rasta man”, learning about the spices and herbs in the area, and then dipping in the mineral springs for a revitalizing experience. Food and refreshment available.
Duration 4-5 hours,
Group rate available 1-3 persons

Customized Tours ‘BMT’

Build My Tour ('BMT') experience – book a consultation sessions, let’s discuss your style and tour needs and let our experience help you customize your unique Jamaican holiday.
Group rate available 1-3 persons

Duns River Falls

from Montego Bay drive east along the coastline to Ocho Rios, there you will find the world famous Dunn's River Falls. This falls cascades 600 feet down to the Caribbean Sea. The fall is a mixture of easy and challenging climb, dotted with rock pools. After the climb, relax on the beach, have a picnic or enjoy local craft, food and beverages.
Duration 4-5 hours,
Group rate available 1-3 persons

Ride ATVs

The natural topography of Jamaica makes it ideal for exceptional ATV experiences, from tropical hillsides, river trails, botanical gardens, Rasta trails and so much more. Book a BYT session to discuss your ATV experience.
Durations varies
group rate available 1-3 persons

7 Mile Beach & Rick's Café - Negril

An experience of crystal clear water paired with white sandy beach lined with restaurants, bars, nightspots, and every conceivable water sport, pick your fun. End your day with a visit to Negril's famous gathering spot, for the food and traditional sunset. Ensure to capture the memories for your social media reels.
Group rate available 1-3 persons

Black River Safari Tours

Take a boat tour 4 miles upstream of the Black River, learn about the history of the river, and the flora, and watch out for the birds, fishes, and the world-famous crocodiles. At 33 miles long the black river is the longest river on the island and largest wetlands, enjoy local craft, food, and beverages. Get your camera ready to take your scenic pictures.
Personalized private tours available.
Duration – 7 hours,
group rate available 1-3 persons.

Ocho Rios Blue Hole & Falls

formed by nature, the Blue Hole tour is a combination of natural rock pools with magnificent blue water and mesmerizing waterfalls. Rock climbing, rope swings, vine swings, and simply jumping or diving into the torque waters with all-around stunning views are just some of the activities you will experience on your Blue Hole adventure tour. Duration - 6 hours, Group rate available 1-3 persons

House Boat Grill Restaurant

a fixed in the calm waters of the Montego Bay Marine Park, The House Boat Grill offers an exceptional setting for an intimate, one of a kind dining experience. Enjoy dinner downstairs in our cozy dining room, upstairs on our upper deck under the stars, or waterside to be entertained by our nightly aquatic ballet performed by snook & tarpon game fish.
Duration – 3 hours,
Group rate available 1-4 persons

Bob Marley Museum - Hope Road, Kingston.

located in the affluent uptown Kingston area. A place Bob Marley could live only after he rose to stardom. Take a tour of his house and property and see many of his memorabilia. Experience aspects of his life in digital and print, see his guitar, the suit he wore at the great concerts plus the trophies he got over the years. Indulge in Rastafarian treats at the restaurant. Take a souvenir home from the Gift Shop.
Duration – 8 hours,
Group rate available 1-3 persons

Bob Marley Museum - Trench Town, Kingston.

A Ghetto far from the peace and quiet of the country (Nine Mile) to the Hassle and Bustle of the city was where Bob migrated to, as a teenager to try and break into stardom. There he met Peter Tosh and Bonny Livingston and formed their band The Wailers in 1963. Visit the house he lived in at (Culture Yard) and take pictures, chat with the people, and take a tour of the property or the wider community. Engage in reasoning about Bob Marley, try Rastafarian food and juices, and feel the vibes.
Duration – 8 hours,
Group rate available 1-3 persons

Bob Marley Museum - Nine mile, St Ann.

A tiny town in the rural mountains of St. Ann, this is where Bob Marley was born and spent his early formative years. Take a tour of the house and property, this is also Bob Marley’s final resting place, you may pay homage at his tomb. View the room he slept in and other memorabilia, visit the church where his body was laid to rest, mingle with the locals, enjoy Rastafarian delights at the Café’, and feel the vibes.
Duration – 6 hours,
Group rate available 1-3 persons

Doctor's Cave Beach,

The number one beach in Montego Bay. Come enjoy all the amenities of Clubhouse Beach. Convenience, food fun, and vibes smack in the mecca of the tourist capital, Montego Bay’s Hip-Strip.


looking to have a quiet night out or a tantalizing experience, infused with local or international vibes. Restaurants in Jamaica provide a wide range of experience, you may choose to dine under the stars or savour the indoor ambiance. Whichever international or local cuisine your taste buds desire you can find a restaurant to fulfil your needs. Some restaurants provide after dinning entertainment, to give that true Jamaican, Reggae vibes.

Rivers & Falls

Jamaica has over fifteen (15) rivers or falls to choose your next aquatic experience. Looking to skip the beach or you would like to river, fall and beach all in one, explore the options available Jamaica. Nature lover, some river & falls have additional nature tours available. Book a consultation session.

Lounges, Bars & Clubs

Lounges, bars and clubs in Jamaica are truly unique and make use of the natural themes and vibes of the Caribbean island’s people and natural resources. You can find a spot in which you can swim-up bars and food courts, with additional activities such as snorkeling or Cliff diving.
Savour grilled lobster, and other sea food delights, play a round or two of dominoes. Enjoy Jamaica’s famous Jerky Chicken and cold Red Strip Beer paired with breath taking sunsets. Jamaica is famous for its reggae, roots and culture music, every spot will provide you with a full entire of music while you enjoy the natural resources and people. Some of these spots go well into the night.

Montego Bay City Tour

let's go see Montego Bay full of history, get great pictures, shop at the craft market, duty free shops and local stores. Try local food and fruits with our number one Red Strip beer or a refreshing Jelly coconut.

Flora & Fauna

Jamaica is a tropical forests full of rare woody plants, magnificent flowering plants and cacti. There are a lot of endemic species of plants and animals on the island. Book a consultation session and let us arrange a tour of our natural highlights.


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